Heartfelt Hospitality from the Edo Period
Established in the late Edo Period in the Esashi region (formerly known as Iwayado), which became the stage for the Hiraizumi culture.
There are records of Takeshi Hara visiting Iwayado in the fifth year of the Taisho Era (1916) and enjoyed dinner while discussing politics in the Banquet Hall with young people known as the “Shizenkai,” or “Nature Association.”

To Bring Pleasure to our Customers
We hope you will enjoy our carefully prepared delicious dishes complemented with seasonal ingredients and Japanese sake, specially selected by the proprietors.

Enjoy the Experience of the Atmosphere
We are proud of our Japanese garden with its many plants, including pine trees, some of which are over 100 years old, and has been visited by a variety of guests. We invite you to this extraordinary realm in which each season presents its own expressions.

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